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Add TUEBL to your e-reader's OPDS catalog system:

What is TUEBL?

This might be best answered in a letter from our owner:

First of all, thank you for visiting The Ultimate Ebook Library (TUEBL). Users like you are the lifeblood of our website and we would not survive without your dedication to our little piece of the Internet. TUEBL one of the worlds largest platforms for authors to get their books out to fans, while allowing fans a way to find new authors and have access to thousands of free ebooks.

When authors put their books on TUEBL they are joining the 21st century in realizing that releasing your ebook for free only boosts your sales Source 1 Source 2 Source 3. TUEBL helps market books and authors, and also integrates flattr to allow users to donate to their favourite authors directly. No longer are we bound by middlemen and multi-billion dollar corporations deciding which books succeed and which books fail. Good writing should lead to an authors success, and TUEBL ensures that the good writers are the ones who are promoted.

TUEBL is a missionary project of the Kopimist Church of Idaho, and as such is a registered 501(c)3 organization. We donate over $500 per month to literacy related charities, especially those doing work in South America and Africa. TUEBL also is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, so no more "This Book Is Not Available In Your Region" nonsense. This isn't about money, no one on our team makes money from TUEBL and we actually invest our own money into the church and it's projects reguarly. We do this because we love reading and we love helping readers find books that they love.

Thank you for making TUEBL what is. It's your financial and emotional support which drives us forward.

Travis McCrea - Owner/Cheif Librarian TUEBL

Setup iPhone

  1. Install Megareader
  2. Go to "Download Books"
  3. Click Edit
  4. Add "" to the "Other Catalogs" section.
    If there is an option to selet OPDS as the catalouge type, please do so. Otherwise you should be done!

*None of the developers use Apple Inc products, so if this guide can be made better, please tell us. We do not endorse Megareader, Stanza, or any other ebook app. This is here for informational purposes only.

Setup Android Updated

  1. Install Moon+ from the Play Store on your device
  2. Open Moon+
  3. Click the "net library" link
  4. Click "Add new catalog"
  5. Type "TUEBL" for Catalog Name (optional)
  6. Type for Catalog URL
  7. Click OK and your done, TUEBL will be in "net library"

How do I add books to Kindle?

For Kindle Fire
  1. Install Moon+ (pro)from the Amazon App Store on your device
  2. Open Moon+
  3. Click the "net library" link
  4. Click "TUEBL"

You can also use other e-readers on your own, any e-reader app that supports epub can read our ebooks - you can either add our catalog ( or you can download the books from our site and load them into your e-reader)

For Other Kindles
  1. Download Calibre First
  2. Download Book From TUEBL
  3. Follow the guide to convert the epub for your Kindle device at Calibre's Help Website

How do I request a book

Place a post in the TUEBL forum with as much information as possible.

Please read the rules on their site on how to request a book

Can I add books to the library?

You bet. The more you add the more it helps others and hopefully helps you get the books you need. Click Here to submit a book. Please fill out as much information as possible.

I'm having trouble with the website or catalog. Where can I find help?

Please make a post in the forum. Odds are there may be an answer there or someone else is having the same issue. When you issue is solved someone else may see the response and their issue fixed as well.

How can I import books from Calibre?

You can now add books from calibre. Please follow these instructions to setup and add books. If these steps are not done properly then the books will not import properly.  Please read all the instructions.

Configure Calibre

  1. Go to preferences
  2. Go to "Sharing books by email"
  3. Click "Add email" on right
  4. in the email address put ""
  5. click in the formats column and make sure the only thing there is "EPUB"
  6. Put your email address(the one you registered with the site with) in "Send email from"
  7. Configure your mail server 

Sending Books

  1. Right click on selected books and go to the "Connect/Share" menu then go to the "Email to..." submenu and select ""


Note: Some mail servers throttle so it takes a while for a book to upload try a different server.(Gmail for instance throttles at 5 min per book